The Big Black Dark

written, produced, directed by Brian Padian

featuring: Matt Sipes, Todd Tschida, Lanie Hoyo, Christine Calfas, Joey Bloom, Brian Padian, Mike Barber, and the voice of Andrew Feinberg

shot on super 16 by Scott Ballard

edited by Evonne Moritz

music by Jesse Jones

made possible by a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council

camera assistants...Meghan Ryan Lybrand, Jesse Larson

production sound by Edward P. Davee

camera crane operated by...Billy Wild and Alan Wone

production assistant....Jared Hinton

narration recorded by...Edward P. Davee

opening titles.....Douglas Martin

CD unicorn design....Katie Newman

Lanie Hoyo's hair by Daniella Gleeson

Matt Sipes' tie courtesy Terry Repp

Christine Calfas' costume courtesy Paula Buchert

and Portland Center Stage costume shop

Cashmere/mink cardigan

courtesy John and Margarethe Calfas

Truck courtesy Russ Blake

Lens rental by Koerner Camera


"Out of Your Mind"

"Real Good Lookin'"

"Honky Tonk Bound"

by the Lucky Stars

published by Bar Thirteen Music (BMI)

used with permission

"A Safe Place in the World"

by Corrina Repp

courtesy Caldo Verde Records

used with permission


Margaret Malone

Bill & Marge Padian

Carrie Padian

Chris & Terry Repp

Corrina Repp

Pratima Pratel, Westerner Inn

Pam Olson, Farmers Insurance

Aaron Saffa, Kodak

Jean Fee, AlphaCine

Eric Rosen, Lightpress

Joe Hilsenrad & Angela Homme, Rerun

Christian Fitzpatrick, Moloko

Giuseppe Lipari, Someday Lounge

Scott Pendarvis

Brian Lindstrom

Taz Goldstein

Eli Nilsen

Hollywood Costumes

Marisa McKinney

Amy Ruppel

Shelley Midthun

Jordan Eusebio

Gary Melum

John Breen

Andrew Kent